How the Cleaning Works

For €10 you get 10 minutes of time. This is plenty of time for majority of dogs but there are optional top-ups if required.

  • Card payment only.
  • Free 30 seconds time to disinfect tup from previous user. Select Yes or No.
  • Open door and let dog in tub.
  • Close door and clip dog collar to chain.
  • Select shampoo and your 10 mins time will start, so start scrubbing and washing.
  • Shampoo and all products will come out through the water (water is lovely and warm).
  • Fresh rinse water to rinse out shampoo.
  • Conditioner.
  • Rinse.
  • Flea wash (don’t rinse out, the anti flea will last longer this way).
  • Blow dry.
  • Open door and take out dog from tub.
  • Please use free 30 seconds to disinfect tub for next user after.

Self Service Dog Wash,
How It Works...

Some Helpful Tips

    Keep and eye on the time.

    If you need a top-up do so before you even start or at least while there is still time on the clock. If you let it run to zero then top-ups will not activate the machine, only another €10 payment will.

    Brush your dog before and after to protect the coat from knots.

    Use a towel if you want your dog bone dry for possibly getting back into the car.